C G         Am  Em   Dm        G   C
1. A-bide with me, fast falls the eventide.
   C   Dm  C    F  C     G          Am D G
   The darkness deepens, Lord, with me a-bide.
   C    E     Am Em    Dm        A        Dm
   When other helpers  fail, and comforts flee,
   G    C  G   C   E     Am  Dm  C    G    C
   help of the helpless, oh, a - bide with me!

  C G        Am Em    Dm    G       C
2. I need thy presence every passing hour!
   C    Dm  C   F     C   G        Am  D     G
   What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's pow'r?
   C   E       Am    Em Dm        A        Dm
   Who like Thyself  my guide and stay can be?
   G       C     G   C  E      Am  Dm  C    G    C
   Through cloud and sunshine, oh, a - bide with me !

  C     G       Am    Em   Dm         G      C
3. Swift to it's close ebbs out life's little day.
   C       Dm   C    F    C    G       Am   D G
   Earth's joys grow dim, it's glories pass a-way.
   C      E     Am  Em  Dm  A        Dm
   Change and decay in  all around I see.
   G C    G   C   E    Am   Dm  C    G    C
   O Thou who changest not, a - bide with me !

  C   G       Am     Em Dm     G       C
4. Not a brief glance I  beg, a passing word.
   C   Dm C    F        C    G   Am D       G
   But as Thou dwell'st with Thy disciples, Lord,
   C E       Am Em Dm       A        Dm
   Familiar, condescending, patient, free.
   G    C   G  C E      Am  Dm  C    G    C
   Come not to sojourn, but a - bide with me!

ABIDE WITH ME: Lyrics and Guitar Chords

"Abide With Me" is a beautiful Christian hymn, here are the chords and the lyrics of the song.
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  C    G   Am Em      Dm     G       C
5. Come not in terror, as the King of kings,
   C   Dm   C   F     C    G       Am  D   G
   But kind and good, with healing in  Thy wings.
   C     E       Am    Em Dm        A     Dm
   Tears for all woes, a  heart for every plea.
   G     C      G  C  E     Am   Dm  C    G    C
   Come, Friend of sinners, thus a - bide with me!

  C    G  Am Em       Dm   G           C
6. Thou on my head in every youth didst smile.
   C   d      C F  C     G      a     D   G
   And though rebellious and perverse meanwhile,
   C    E    Am  Em       Dm     A      Dm
   Thou hast not left me, oft as I left Thee.
   G  C  G   C      E Am    Dm  C    G    C
   On to the close, O Lord, a - bide with me.

  C G       Am   Em   Dm      G       C
7. I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless.
   C    Dm   C  F       C   G        Am D  G
   Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness.
   C     E          Am     Em     Dm         A  Dm
   Where is death's sting? Where, grave, thy victory?
  G C  G    C      E  Am   Dm  C    G    C
  I triumph still, if thou a - bide with me!

  C    G        Am    Em Dm      G       C
8. Hold thou thy cross be-fore my closing eyes.
   C     Dm      C   F      C   G     Am    D   G
   Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies.
  C        E       Am      Em  Dm           A       Dm
  Heav'n's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee.
   G  C     G  C      E Am    Dm  C    G    C
   In life, in death, O Lord, a - bide with me!
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