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Fingerpicking guitar lessons 1-4

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Let's start from "zero"

These fingerpicking guitar exercises I've thought for beginners, they are very easy and you will gradually acquire the  automation of the thumb and other fingers of your left hand. At the same time will enable you to practice in the reading of tablature.


In the exercise number 1 pinch the sixth string open 4 times using only the thumb of your right hand, preceded by the letter "p" at the top.
Perform the exercise several times until you feel easy.

Fingerpicking guitar course - lesson 1 - tab

In the second exercise press the sixth string to the first fret with the index finger of your left hand and play four times with the thumb of the right hand, repeating as you did the previous exercise.
The number circled at the bottom shows you the finger of the left hand to use.

Fingerpicking acoustic guitar course - lesson 2 - tab

In exercise number 3 press the third fret with your left hand ring finger.

Fingerpicking acoustic guitar course - lesson 3 - tab

The two dots placed at the beginning and at the end of the tablature are the signs of repetition and they indicate that you have to repeat again a second time without stopping. For the meaning of 4 / 4 at the start of each line read here.

Now we play the three notes in a single exercise. Practice until the movements become easy and without interruption.

Fingerpicking lesson 4
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