Learn to play this popular American Christmas song first sung by Bobby Helms in 1957. the piece was composed by Joseph Carleton Beal  and James Ross Boothe. The title and some lyrics of the song are an extension of the more famous Christmas standard Jingle Bells.
This is the easy guitar arrangement for beginners with free guitar tablature, sheet music, backing track, chord progression and my tutorial
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Jingle Bell Rock - Backing Track
Jingle Bell Rock - easy guitar tablature
Jingle Bell Rock - easy guitar sheet music
Here is the chord chart for the song, for the chord progression pay attention to the Cm chord with barre and to the D7/#5 chord, this is very dissonant when played alone.
Jingle Bell Rock - chords chart
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With Richards and the Rolling Stones are the embodiment of 40 years of Rock'n'Roll. With numbers such as "Satisfaction', "Sympathy for the Devil", “Lets spend the night together' and “Honky Tonk Woman" they literaly wrote rock history, Keith Richards is the musical leader of the Stones and has written the lion's share of the group's songs. His almost countless hits show how important a solid catchy rhythm guitar is the making of good rock tunes.
He Was born in 1943 in Dartford, England. At the age of six he had already met Mick Jagger, who was born in the same area. In 1962, these two formed the Rolling Stones and met with rapid success, as blues was enjoying a wave of popularity in England at that time. Despite his excesses with alcohol and drugs, Keith is still "at the top' of the business.
After his solo project in 1988, he toured again with the Stones, once again the soul of the band, as he has always been Keith Richard's guitar playing, having formed the sound of the Rolling Stones, has had a considerable influence on the development of rock music.

Chuck Berry and Scotty Moore are his idols, Chuck and Keith have become friends over the years and he takes Scotty Moore with him on every tour in the form of a copy of Elvis' Sun Sessions. Another important influence are the old blues guitarists, above all Robert lohnson, the king of the delta blues.
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