Game of Thrones - Theme
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Learn how to play on the guitar "Game of Thrones" Theme

Game of Throne (theme) - fingerstyle guitar tab
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This is the GuitarNick's fingerstyle guitar cover with TAB and PDF of "Game of Thrones", theme of the popular fantasy drama television series. In this guitar lesson you find guitar tab, chords and my video tutorial.

I tried to make an easy full guitar arrangement  so I changed the key to A minor. The first part is played all in first position, the second one is a bit tricky because there is a F chord with barre to play swiftly.
I recommend you to play the piece slowly at the beginning.
Good Playing with "Game of Thrones" theme!
Game of Thrones (theme) - printable PDF guitar tab
Game of Thrones (theme) - easy guitar tab
- Easy guitar tab -
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