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Artificial harmonics guitar lesson: Tab + video

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What is it?
This technique consist in hitting the string with the pick and your right hand thumb at the same time,
This is used to produce harmonic tones that are otherwise inaccessible on the instrument.
They can be produced anywhere on the fretboard.

Generally, the harmonics are indicated with a diamond.


How to play it
To make an artificial harmonic when you pick the string, have your thumb touch it too at the same time.
Harmonics need to be played with the picking hand on specific positions of the string and the harmonic positions do change depending on the note you are fretting,
Remember that a distorted tone through your bridge pickup make an harmonic sound properly, the neck pickup may not respond well to an harmonic.


Remember that the harmonic is produced when the thumb of the picking hand lightly touches against the string immediately after it is picked.
In this first exercise you have to be able to get artificial harmonics at the fifth fret of the third string.
There are at least 2 sweet spots that produce harmonics clear and strong, you have to find them by trial and error. Watch the video below.

Artificial harmonics - exercise 1

Now try to find two sweet spots to seventh fret.

Artificial harmonics - exercise 2

Now combines the harmonics of the two frets. You can get four different overtones playing only two frets.

Artificial harmonics - exercise 3

Now find the harmonics of these frets of the second string.

Artificial harmonics - exercise 4

Try combining the harmonics of the two strings playing this little tune.

Artificial harmonics - exercise 5

Finally play this lick with harmonic and bending.

Artificial harmonics - exercise 6
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