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Many of you ask me what are the guitars that I use in my videos. The guitars are these:

Cort Earth 900, with Elixir Strings .011-.052 NANOWEB Coating

  • This is my favorite for blues, fingerstyle or flatpicking. It's also great for the alternating bass songs, small and comfortable

This is a dreadnought with a powerful sound. I use it mainly for bluegrass, fingerpicking and rhythmic accompaniment with chords.

Storm D10 by Italian guitar luthier with Elixir Strings Extra Light NANOWEB Coating

  • Dreadnought guitar with warm bass like a Martin.

Cutaway electro-classical guitar

my first classic guitar

I used this beautiful guitar for . I will use for all future lessons of jazz.

I use strings D'Addario .010/.046 for this good cheap Gibson.

Cheap Parker very versatile and complete.

For the electric sound I use a Vox Tonelab SE with built-in valve or Guitar Rig software.

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