Diese neue Methodik des Gitarrenspiels vereint eine progressive Sammlung von Arpeggios, welche mit zeitgenössischem Klang geschrieben wurden.
Der Kurs richtet sich an Anfänger, die gerne das akustische Fingerstyle-Gitarrenspiel auf unterhaltsame Weise lernen möchten und so langweiliges Einstudieren alter, klassischer Gitarrenmethoden vermeiden möchten.
Diese Methode kann entweder mit einem Lehrer oder auch im Selbststudium erarbeitet werden; für jedes Arpeggio stehen kostenlose Lehrvideos auf YouTube zur Verfügung; mit separaten Nahaufnahmen beider Hände.
Du wirst im Laufe Deines Unterrichts feststellen, dass die einzelnen Arpeggios nicht einfach nur irgendwelche leichten Übungen sind, sondern dass es sich hierbei um kleine wohlklingende Mini-Kompositionen handelt, die die Ohren eines Schülers aus dem 21. Jahrhundert erfreuen werden.
Wissen und Spaß sind garantiert; viel Freude beim Lernen!
120 Arpeggios fur die Fingerstyle Gitarrentechnik


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I have seen that I can give students everything they need to learn to play well, maybe play great. With one exception, that is. In fact, there is one most important quality you must have, in order to go through what it takes to learn to play the guitar. That is desire. You must really feel a need for it in your life, whether you want to play on the amateur level, or the professional.
When I end this desire in people, it strikes me as a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, desire alone is not enough. In fact, I have often met people who had that desire, but lost it due to frustration about not being able to make any progress in their efforts to learn the guitar. They assumed they didn't have the talent, and gave up. I have also met many people who have played badly for years, and they bravely keep hoping that all the problems they have with all those pieces they struggle with will someday go away. Someday playing will be enjoyable, and satisfying, and even sound good! Someday they won't fall apart when they play in front of other people.
The person who gives up, and the person who continues playing the same way year after year, assumes that the great players have some special natural ability that they unfortunately do not posses. It is a rather hopeless feeling. Even though I think the methods in this book will help anyone, I am writing this book especially for people who are in this state of frustration, so they will learn that the problem is not lack of ability. They just do not have the correct information about how to practice to get results.
Your desire to play the guitar is what makes you begin your journey, and when coupled with the correct information about the mechanics of playing and practicing, your desire will increase and carry you further. I am happy to tell you that if you understand and use the methods in this book, you will have the tools to become as good as you want to be on the guitar.

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