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Fingerpicking guitar method - Book+ Video tutorials

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Alternating Bass Guitar Method - cover

Through the study of this method you will quickly master the fingerpicking technique. It is not a simple exposition of tedious exercises but rather a course of interest and learning. It will guide you through a step by step process that will allow the execution of complete songs of average technical difficulty.

Is not important that you have a high level of ability at the start. The book is designed so that even absolute beginners can learn from using it. Every aspect of the technique is explained in detail and all the fingerings and techniques used are clearly indicated.

The book is divided into three levels of increasing difficulty:

• The first level is for absolute beginners and in it are numerous combinations of fingerings for the right hand.

• The second level introduces new incremental technical difficulties and the first simple complete songs.

• In the third level some intermediate guitar techniques are explained with some songs using these techniques.

The method is completely written in tablature to be readily accessible to all students, many of whom can not read music. The use of tablature will allow everyone to play the music and do the exercises very quickly.

Not only beginners but also intermediate level guitarists can find, especially in the second and third levels, exercises and songs useful to refine the technique of alternating bass.

Once you have completed the book you will have acquired the basic technical skills needed to approach the study of advanced level songs.




The paper book with entire alternating bass guitar course is now available in English on Amazon.

  • 180 black and white pages book

  • 420 progressive alternating bass exercises

  • 40 guitar songs in thumbpicking style

  • video tutorials on YouTube with all the exercises and songs.


All videos are available free on the Youtube channel TheGuitarNick

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Alternating Bass Guitar Method - buy




in English for Kindle, PC, Mac, Android, Iphone and Ipad

All videos are available on your device with a direct link to the Youtube channel TheGuitarNick

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Alternating Bass Guitar Method - buy eBook
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