GUANTANAMERA: Easy Guitar Lesson

This is my easy version of this best known Cuban song. Learn to play it with free accurate tablature, video tutorial, chords, sheet music and backing track.
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GUANTANAMERA - Backing Track
About the guitar accompaniment of the song, it runs on three chords only, G/C7/D7. There are two ways: an easy accompaniment in strumming and another in fingerstyle with ghost notes.

This is the basic chords progression of the song, if you are a beginner you can try to play them and practise to the changes of position.
Guantanamera -  guitar chords 1
This below is the basic rhythm for strumming accompaniment.
  = the symbol for strumming down
V = the symbol for strumming up
Guantanamera -  guitar chords 2
Below here is the basic fingerstyle accompaniment with ghost notes. It is a good exercise to practise them.
Guantanamera - fingerstyle guitar accompaniment 1
In the backing track of Guantanamera I used several patterns that I improvised at the moment. Basically I played on this basic pattern.
Guantanamera - fingerstyle guitar accompaniment 2
And here is a variation of the accompaniment.
Guantanamera - fingerstyle guitar accompaniment 3
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