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This is my easy guitar arrangement for beginners of popular song "My Way". The song was a success for a variety of performers like Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Elvis Presley. In this guitar lesson you find guitar tab, sheet music, video tutorial and backing track.


- the chord progression for "My Way" is really rich with many chords. Pay attention to some particular chords like Bm7, Bm7/b5, Am(maj7). I indicate their right position in the chord chart at the top of the tab.


- I arranged the theme in G major scale in first position as possible. At the end of the song you will play notes at the seventh fret.

Backing Track

- I recorded a guitar accompaniment track so you can play along or improvise over it. I played it with a slow pima-pimi arpeggio. You can download the track by my Patreon page.


- For my Patrons is available the printable high quality PDF Tab/Sheet music.

MY WAY: Guitar Tab

Learn how to play on the guitar chords and theme

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