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Are you interested in playing guitar? If yes, you must understand that starting needs to be strong. You cannot just grab ‘Any’ guitar and start strumming its string to feel like a rock-star. In order to become one, it’s necessary to get yourself a good and reliable starter guitar. For beginners, it’s highly recommended to begin their music journey with acoustic guitars because those are easy to play and can be handled with minimum care.
Here is the list of top 10 starter guitars for beginners that offer rich sound, cost reasonably and are durable. Let’s begin with the first one:


Top 10 starter guitars that offer rich sound and cost reasonably

1. Taylor Academy A12e
It’s a top rated entry level guitar with the most suitable model for beginners. Premium in its design and making, this guitar is no doubt a perfect choice for any person looking forward to learn guitar skills. You might find it a little expensive than usual starter guitars but it offers great tone and wonderful playability hence, it’s totally worth the price. As far as the body is concerned, its top is made up of solid Sitka spruce whereas, back and sides are laminated with sapele. The model is pretty easy to control and comes with handy built-in tuner.
2. Seagull S6
Here comes the brand that started it all! Seagull’s S6 is one of the most recommended guitars for beginners because this model is easy to handle and makes learning simpler. This guitar has an ideal body to offer dynamic sounds with exclusive mid ranges. It’s made up of high quality wood and features a solid cedar top with cherry back. At the top, there is a distinctive headstock allowing users to enjoy tuning stability. It has a rosewood fret board that is slightly broader than typical acoustic guitars. Its price might seem a little high for beginners but it is durable enough to survive a good number of years hence totally worth it!
3. Yamaha FG830
Yamaha FG guitar series has been in the market for years and successfully remains one of the top selling series. Beginners who are looking for something comfortable, affordable and playable, FG830 is no doubt a great pick for them. This guitar offers great and attractive sounds with an excellent projection. The body of the guitar is finished with solid spruce while back and sides are made up of rosewood. It has a Nato neck with smooth fretboard having 20 frets. The price is nothing compared to its rich tone, dynamic range and high-end projection. The model is also comfortable to hold and carry anywhere
4. Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat
Here is another option for beginners who are looking for something different and attractive. Solid mahogany finishing naturally is used to make the top, sides and back of this guitar. Neck is made with maple and fretboard is nicely finished with satin covering. The headstock is adorned with Tim’s signature that looks quite awesome and catchy. The best part about this model is that it has an active onboard preamp and tuner. You can make the most of this feature and enjoy desired volume, bass and treble control. It costs reasonably and offers big tone and high-end performance!
5. Blueridge BD16
If you are looking for something affordable and great in sound production as well, this model is a good pick for you. It’s a reasonably priced acoustic guitar offering high quality sound. The body of guitar is pretty robust. The back and neck are made up of mahogany whereas top is nicely finished with spruce. It’s durable and pretty lightweight and this is the reason it’s a great choice for beginners. With this guitar, you will be able to play freely and enjoy every chord without worrying about its weight and burden. It’s a full sounding guitar with an excellent projection allowing users to enjoy extreme playability.
6. Fender CD-60S
It’s a dreadnought model and a great option for beginners who want to take everything smoothly. With this good-looking, comfortable guitar, you will be able to learn to play guitar faster and impress everybody with its rich sound. This model offers the trademark quality of Fender with classic body. It has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. To make it beginner-friendly, the guitar comes with mahogany neck in addition to rosewood fretboard with 20 frets. The hardware is pretty top-notch for the price and comes with multiple accessories to help with tuning and fixing loose frets. Moreover, this model supports both, strumming and fingerstyle.
7. Luna Gypsy Muse Student Guitar
Exclusive designed for beginners, this model is no doubt a treat for you! Luna has somehow managed to provide beginners with a high-end instrument offering quality sound projection at a very simple price. It’s lightweight and pretty comfortable to carry. If you attend college and need a guitar to take along, this one is perfect. The body features a neat lamination of spruce and mahogany. Its neck is quite sleek and made up of satin mahogany with 20 frets. As far playability is concerned, this guitar is pretty functional and comes with an effective built-in tuner instead of a full-blown preamp. The hardware is pretty solid! 

8. Yamaha APX500III Thinline

It looks like Yamaha loves to make playable guitars for beginners because here comes the second entry in the list from this brand. This particular model is not only for beginners but offers great functionality for professionals as well. It’s a thinline electro-acoustic guitar with steel strings in an array of colors. This model features a slim single-cutway body with a sleek neck. It has a spruce top, nato back and sides and rosewood fretboard. Yamaha APX500III is ideal for those who enjoy low end and balanced tones. It’s very easy to grip and control. With its on-board tuner, you can enjoy rich sounds whenever you want!
9. Alvarez Artist Series AD30
This is another entry level model offering huge voice and excellent built at a very simple price. Featuring traditional dreadnought body, the guitar consists of Sitka spruce top and mahogany finished back and sides. Its neck is also mahogany finished whereas fretboard is made up of rosewood and is pretty fun to play. As far tone is concerned, when sound combines with the scalloped braces, an impressive projection takes place. It’s the best most affordable guitar a beginner could get to enjoy high-end tones!
10. Rogue RA-090
People with short budget should definitely consider buying this great starter. It’s an inexpensive model featuring all fundamental details you would expect from a traditional acoustic guitar. This is a dreadnought model and is available in three options, natural, sunburst and black. Whitewood is used to make its body while neck and fretboard are finished with maple and 20 frets. Honestly, there is nothing premium about this guitar but the wood finishing and build quality produce rich sounds with decent projection.
Definitely, it’s hard to resist jumping into buying your very first guitar. But, it’s essential to gather sufficient information about a few top selling models in order to end up buying a good one. You need a nice starter to have a strong beginning as your start always determines the end. So, check out this list of top 10 starter guitars and go for a long term choice to enjoy effective guitar learning lessons.
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