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Warm up 9, fingerstyle guitar

Fingerstyle > 20 Warm Up Exercises

The tremolo. Note the RH fingering I suggest. Although a very few guitarists play that as PIMA, classical guitar instructors since Francisco Tarrega, the father of modern classical guitar technique, have claimed it is much easier to maintain a steady rhythm with PAMI. With PIMA there is a tendency to "gallop".  If this is difficult, I suggest isolating this exercise and changing the tempo to about 60 bpm.  Play it at that speed for two weeks. Don't cheat or give yourself a progress report, but instead, play this very slowly for 15 minutes a day. Your goals is to program your subconscious. Cheating defeats the programming.  At the end of two weeks, guaranteed, you'll have a fine tremolo.

Warm Up fingerstyle exercise 9
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